PlusWord No.406 (July 02 2023) Answer

We have solved and listed below the answers to PlusWord No.406 Crossword Puzzle published on Sunday, July 02 2023 by Daniel Peake. Whenever you get stuck on solving this simple 5×5 Crossword, you can visit our website and get help regarding the PlusWord Puzzle.

PlusWord Answer with 5 letters for today’s PlusWord 406 puzzle is:


Crossword Clues

Below are listed answers for the PlusWord Crossword Clues:

Crossword Answer
La ____, opera house SCALA
Small Spanish dishes TAPAS
Building remains RUINS
Customary practice; EU gas (anag.) USAGE
Principle TENET
Self-important walk STRUT
Reason; purpose CAUSE
Relating to bees APIAN
Jessica _____, actress; angel (anag.) LANGE
Item of property, e.g. ASSET

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