PlusWord Answer: Updated Daily

PlusWord is a new Wordle-like mini 5×5 Crossword Puzzle game created by The Daily Telegraph. We really love the simplicity of this Word Game.

We play and solve everyday the PlusWord Crossword and post here all answers, solutions and hints, including today’s answers.

We have listed below some of the latest PlusWord Answers:

How to Play PlusWord

PlusWord is a mix between the traditional Crossword Puzzle and Wordle. First you should solve the Crossword and after you can use the highlighted letters to find the PlusWord solution. Here is the guide on how to play it in detail:

Step 1: Solve the crossword, then use letters in the shaded squares to complete the additional PlusWord.

Step 2: A letter in a green square appears in the same column in the PlusWord as it does in the crossword.

Step 3: A letter in a yellow square appears in the PlusWord, but in a different column than it does in the crossword.

Step 4: There is only one possible answer for the PlusWord; it may be that the PlusWord contains letters that aren’t found in the crossword, but it can always be worked out logically without guessing.

Step 5: You can enter the PlusWord at any point, but you must complete both the crossword and the PlusWord to complete the puzzle.

That’s it! Start to play PlusWord now.